Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ohhhh la la

“Butt splices”, “jacks”, “mounts”, “3-ways”, “inserts”, and “plugs”.

And no, I wasn’t at a porno shop, I was at Lowes looking at phone accessories.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Fucking frog lickers!

Voodoo ca ca Rendez-vous:

I got scared by a very strange albino man in a top hat today. He was walking to Target and bumped into me almost three times… and we were the only people on the sidewalk! He also had yellowish eyes. And I was alone. In Columbus. With scary cat-eyed albino man. I was seriously thinking about pissing myself.

Movies (and yes, I’m stealing Sarah’s style)
Triplets of Belleville:

This movie kicks extreme ass. Go get it. It’s in French, but that doesn’t matter all that much because they hardly speak anyway. It’s just so wonderful and it the most absofuckinglutely marvelous sound track ever. Go download “BenoĆ®t Charest - Belleville Rendez-Vous” if you don’t believe me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A little foreign adventure!

I went to Canada. I’m gonna be Canadian! I’m already working on my ‘ooout and aboot’. Canadians are so nice, and smiley, and they have arcades, and they let me drink and gamble my money away. It’s so great. And, as usual… I have pictures!

Look, we’re in a foreign country!

And it’s Geoff being all touristy!

Then it’s angry me!

And us eating Candian McDonalds!

Then my Mazda, but, but… a Candian version!

And isn’t he just a hottie?

Okay, now I’ve got to stop writing because there is pizza and cheesy bread and cinnamon sticks and a scary movie and my boyfriend.

And, just in case you feel like being freaked out tonight...