Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Stupid Classics

Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on my “classics”. Books and movies that either my friends say are good, have threatened me to watch or read, or have made their mark in American culture. So far the list reads as follows....

Snowcrash (half way done reading)
I was a teenaged dominatrix
Anything by Shakespeare
Black Athena
Moby Dick

Pulp fiction
Reservoir dogs
Angel series
Scar face
God father
Lost in Translation
Rocky movies
The Omen

This has all stemmed from the movie You've Got Mail movie when Tom Hanks says "Go to the mattresses", and I had no clue what he meant.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Today in my anthropology class, right as we were finishing up the chapters about anatomically archaic humans a girl in the back of the class asked this,

“Hi, yeah, uh, I was raised Catholic and taught that God made Adam and Eve, so what’s right, God, or evolution?”

Dead serious. I thought she was joking at first and almost started to laugh. What the hell did she expect the teacher to say? “Oh, everything I’ve been teaching you this quarter is wrong, it’s a lie”? Yup, that’s another person to dump in the category of stupid people.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Happy Introductions...

As with many other LJ's I’ve read, it seems a proper, or at least semi proper, introduction is in order.

Hi, my name is Kaythryn, sometimes called Kayt-- pronounce it as you wish, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m currently employed at a commercial heating and cooling company, though I have a bad habit of quitting or getting fired only to be re-hired the next week-- it‘s obviously pretty informal. I’m also a 2nd year college student with absolutely no major, leaning slightly towards fine arts or anthropology when pressed.

I love hugs, red wine, olives and grilled artichoke hearts-- the drum solo in Radar love, and the AAT-- my #firefly friends, my little clown car, and my old smelly black cat.

I have no patience or sympathy for ignorant or hypocritical people, and have a boiling dislike for environmental extremists who have currently moved to the top of my “people who deserve much more that a slap in the face” list. Oh, I’m also something of a mascara slut and am currently trying to learn Trouser Semaphor.

Well, those seem to be my major selling points. I’m really much sweeter than I sound… no, really, I am.