Sunday, November 28, 2004

"Buzz" for no apparent reason

I don’t know why I’m updating now. I’ve all but given up on having any function, never the less having some flare. It’s all come down to the fact that I’ve very,

v e r y,

V E R Y,


and when I’m busy, I avoid doing what I have to do and spend all my time doing things that really could wait

Hold on a moment. Let me explain, because honestly, it makes perfect sense.


No wait.

No, it doesn’t.

It’s the most ridiculous, self-destructive manner in which to go about living. As an example, instead of working right now and closing my shift I’m playing on the computer in the back office. Instead of preparing for my Bachelor of Art’s portfolio Review in December (the thing that decides if I get to graduate with an Arts degree or not) I’m planning a weekend trip to Canada with my boyfriend. Instead of going to class or doing homework I’m reading Genome by Matt Ridley. And it goes on and on. ( I consider it due to the four hours of sleep I’ve been averaging for the past few weeks).

On occasion, or really, more than one, I just suck.

But I do have pretty red glitter toenails! That’s at least one redeeming quality.

And everyone must have at least one of those*.

(*Redeeming qualities not toenails. You can be just fine with more than one toenail.)

P.s. I just answered the phone and hiccuped in a man’s ear.