Monday, January 31, 2005

Esssh. I'm trying like a mad woman to find a copy of that Gieco commercial (one of the ones with the caveman in it). So I google "Geico ad caveman .avi" and the second link that comes up-- For some reason I'm not really surprised. And wow, "You can only throw your own head" is google-able too! Sweetness!

Friday, January 28, 2005

I’m a freakin’ psychic! I went on and on today about how much I want to go skydiving and then what do I see in the mail this evening? A letter from AerOhio about free recurrency skydiving courses and 50$ refresher classes on March 12th and 13th! I’m a freakin’ psychic!

Smile, be happy

I’ve had a very euphoric kind of day today. No reason either. At least I don’t really know of one. I just woke up happy, did chores happily, and drove an hour to Columbus happily. I’m just very happy for some reason. On the drive down I played Jennifer Lopez’s song “Get Right” over and over and over and over again (I know, please God, forgive me). And yes, I was jamming. There was all manner of heads a bobbing, hands a waving, shoulders a bouncing, and hair a swaying. I looked like a very happy fool. I smiled and waved and danced for everyone one I saw in their cars on the freeway. And then I got thinking about how desperately I want to go sky diving again. Wow, I REALLY want to. I’ve got the urge, just not the money. But I figure in about three or four months when it’s warm enough to go again, I’ll win the lotto. Even broke, I’m still just very, very happy today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I'm a vanilla iced chocolate cake! Or… a vanilla iced German cake!

I think I’m an old black man on the inside. Sure, a very dorky white chick on the outside, but I’ve got old black man on the inside… and in the non-dirty kind of way. After watching this I’ve discovered the wonders of zydeco. Awwwwww yeah. Search for zydeco on your favorite musical theft program and download it all! It’s so good. On further thought… maybe I’m an old lumpy German salt miner. Hummmm…

Friday, January 14, 2005


You are sleep deprived and most likely named Kayt if:

You find yourself trying to wash off the bags under your eyes as if they’re yesterdays makeup.

You eat cold ravioli from the can (with the pop top, not the kind that requires a can opener) while bathing in the morning to save time so you can ultimately sleep in.

When you add together the hours of sleep you’ve gotten in the last four days, it is equal to or less than the amount of sleep you should be getting in one night.

-Next topic-

Geoff downloaded the first episode of Carnivale and we kinda skimmed through it… so far neither of us is optimistic. I was expecting more dark eeeep, eck, squirm, gah and oh Christ, and I think Geoff was looking for something a little deeper, not so straight forward. Any feedback on what we’re not seeing? Or what’s gonna happen in the next few episodes?

-Next topic-

I had my very own Kaylee-esque experience tonight. I laughed and joked and kissed and tumbled around with my boyfriend then ate a whole little bundle of strawberries with sugar. It was quite pleasant.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Hip hip... yay....

What a perfect day… a.k.a. yesterday.

1st off, my car broke down on the way over to Geoff’s and I had to get it towed.
Then I found out that my Uncle passed away.
Then, lots of little “fun” things.
And lastly, I got pulled over for speeding.

Yay, again… yay.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005



My whole pretty college life has been done on a satellite campus with big parking lots, guaranteed spots, and a maximum of five minutes walking time to and fro, but now… da da dum, I’m down on main! Well… for one class at least. Now with the scariness of gazillion students also comes the realization that they all have a gazillion cars and are probably not procrastinators and have already purchased parking permits the 10 days before class like they’re supposed to and that get them to spend insane amounts of money to park away from anything or anyone… but at least it’s somewhere. Now me…. I didn’t do that. I waited till the last possible moment, didn’t spend gobs of money, and somehow managed to get a really, really, good spot. And it’s mine! I’m so greedy. I’m going to be parking at a church that’s right near Geoff’s apartment (another good reason to have the spot). To get to class I can just walk past a few little apartments till I hit the main street, cross it, walk down past a few college halls, turn the corner, and there’s my class. Yay.