Sunday, May 23, 2004

I finally have a serious relationship with a guy and all we do is hug toilets.

Do you believe in karma? Do you believe that there’s a kind of balance in the universe?

I surely didn’t until this weekend.

For anyone who reads my LJ you’ll remember that just about a week or two ago I went out on a date with my boy, Geoff, and got all icky and sick and urpy and I was just not a pretty sight. Well, what comes around goes around.

Geoff came over Friday and ate fake Taiwanese/ Chinese/ American food with my family and hung out with me until the wee hours of the night, then spent the rest of the evening sleeping on my couch. The next morning we hung out, had some nasty McDonalds, and did the weeks grocery shopping for my family. And just as the Evil Shake and Steak did to me, Kroger did to Geoff…

he got sick.

So I took him back home and put him to bed. Then I went to work from 4 to 8 and when I got back things had just gone downhill. One cool wash cloth, a throw up bucket, and a few glasses of ginger ale later it was decided that he’s just not all that fit to drive home. He had been sleeping in my bed, but for the night my parents decided it would be best for him to again be on the couch.

The downstairs couch.

Full grown man with vertigo + tiny little wooden steps = a fall on your ass waiting to happen.

It took us a full ten minutes to get downstairs and for most the way we scooted on our butts because walking on two legs was just too dangerous. Before bed we wanted to try and get something in his belly… so chicken soup it is. Then urp. Then gag. Then chicken soup it was.

Finally managed to get the boy to bed around 3a.m., sacked out myself only to wake up at 6a.m. for work. I wish I could say “needless to say” but I can’t, because I’m gonna say it anyway. I was late for work. This would probably make more of an impact if I had written about being four hours late for work a few days before this. Hummm…. I’m so bad.

When I got back from work today Geoff was feeling much better sans the gigantic pulsing headache. Okay, but that’s workable. Except for the fact that he then wanted to go with me to my little brother’s band concert. Bum bum bum bum bam bam! Minutes later the poor boy found himself in a small little echoing auditorium listening to a mediocre high school band play “authentic“ Native American music… but with trumpets saxophones, and a steel drum.

It's so wrong.

And for more wrongness I offer Naughty Food Items!

Saturday, May 15, 2004


I really like my job at the Holiday Inn.

Today the Drifters, the Platters, and the Coasters stayed with us. I got to hang out with the Drifters for some time today between shows while they were all dressed up in their tuxedos and bling bling. They’re pretty sweet guys.

I was talking to a few of them for awhile while they waited for a friend, and the first thing their friend said to me when he came down was “how old are you?”. And the first thing I thought was, “hummm, inappropriate question.” But I told him I was 19.

Next question he asked, “are you getting married?”.

Initial thought, “No, but I still ain’t diddling around with you, you old man”. But what I really said was a very sweet, “no, I’d like to, but not yet”.

And his response, “Well little lady, when you get ready to get married, we’ll come play at your wedding. We’ll come play and we’ll all party.”


Also, a man came in yesterday while I was sick and left me a note saying what when I write my children’s book he’ll illustrate it for me.

Double sweet!

Always fun when it comes to zapping bugs.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Whoops, forgot to enlighten you all with a little Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants paraphrase--

Yellow guy: Aw, the poor little clam can’t fly.
Pink guy: Do you think it’s stupid?

Dear LJ,

My boy Geoff heard from his mother the other day that she changed her mind about moving. She is now planning on keeping their house in Singapore, the house he grew up in as a child. Yay. So, yesterday was a day of mushy celebration. Pancakes for lunch severed by our newly appointed Favorite Waitress, Anna, started things off, then lots of wink wink back at his place. Things were going along swimmingly, (god I hate that word, “swimmingly”) until about midnight when we realized we were starving. No biggie. Geoff lives downtown, it’s easy to find some place to eat at midnight. So hand in hand we walked down the main drag to a Steak and Shake for some fries and chicken fingers. As we’re walking I started to realize just how hungry I was. My stomach was in knots and I was starting to feel light headed.

I’m such a wimp.

Finally we reach Steak and Shake, get our table, and order our food. My stomach is still braiding itself into little friendship bracelets, and I can barley keep my eyes open. Dear lord, what kind of a wimp am I? I know I work up early for class but it’s only midnight. I’m a college kid, I should be able to stay up around midnight without any trouble. So I rested my head on the table for a few and fought to keep my eyes open till our food arrived.

First thing we get?

Cole slaw.

Kayt1: Why in the hell did I order cabbage covered in mayo when my tummy hurt?
Kayt2: Because, Kayt1, you are an idiot.
Kayt1: Oh.

I then excuse myself and go to the ladies room, splash some water on my face, and try to wake up. Still I’m feeling funky. When we get the rest of our food all I can do is manage to down four French fries. Back to the ladies room for more water in the face. At this point in time I notice that I’m looking a little red in the face. I make one last attempt at eating before I’m back in the ladies room with my head nicely situated above a toilet saying goodbye to those four French fries.

Okay, not really sweet, but I can handle it. I spiffen up the best I can, grab Geoff and go to pay. And that’s when I start seeing stars. So while he pays I went outside for some fresh air. There’s little ole’ me, alone, downtown on high street at a bit past midnight swaying, watching the road in front of me morph and twist as these little black and white spots of light dance in front of me and the remaining contents of my stomach begin a new game of ping pong in my belly. Damn. I am not going to throw up on myself and pass out on high street while on a date. I just wont.

When Geoff finally comes out of the Steak and Shake I grab him, walk around the corner, and there, on the first little patch of dirt I can find, I throw up. And, my poor boyfriend gets to stand beside me through all of it.

Then he threw up.

What a pair.

Yes, I have had better moments.

So there I was, sitting in the dirt of a parking lot off of high street in a cold sweat, shaking, while Geoff gives me a little pat on the back, and an “it’s okay”, “you’ll be alright”. Poor boy was so confused. He thought I was emotionally worked up, like I had something bad to say to him, and that’s why I was sick.

About ten minutes later we hobble back to his apartment when I promptly planted myself on his bathroom floor and began praising his toilet. Somewhere along the line my contacts got put away and I found myself in his bed getting nine glorious hours of sleep.

One of the first things he said to me this morning-- “So, we finally got to sleep together. How’d it make you feel?”
Me-- “Nauseous.”

I hate the flu.

And, let’s get away from all this sickly green icky stuff.
It frightens me with it’s happy beeps and rainbow colors.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sex, ice cream, then more sex, or ice cream during sex, sex, and more sex, chin chye so how?

I heart #firefly.

I’m becoming such a bad updater. There is a fantastically, wonderfully, steamy new rubble update out there, so go read it. Go read it now. Are you reading it? No, you’re not, because you’re here. Go away and come back afterwards.

Welcome back. That post paired with the fact that I’ve slept through yet another Anthropology class today has given me the gumph to update.

I’m not quite a hundred percent sure about what to write about anymore. My LJ has always felt like something kind of private to me. I know some of my kick ass darlings from #firefly read it occasionally, but (and Spark, I‘m not saying internet friends are not real friends) there is a difference between the friends you make and know only through the web, and the friends you meet face to face. If you’re questioning where I’m going with this, well, my boyfriend, Geoff, found my LJ online a couple of days ago. Egad that was awkward. It felt like I was writing a personal note to a girlfriend of mine about my “new uber cool boy” and while I was passing it to her in the cafeteria she dropped it and Geoff happened to pick it up and read the little note that’s all about him, then in this hypothetical fantasy I just die of embarrassment and become a cute little angel with wings and a harp and my own personal cloud to jet around on. Needless to say I still don’t have the harp and it still feels embarrassing.

Short summery like updates:

On work news, I still have a job, am actually getting paid, and will soon be left alone in charge of the hotel. Meaning I’ll be general manager for half of the day. Ohhh, the awesome power of it! I can’t wait.

As for school, I hate real and recorded time with a bubbling-red haze-passion, and have currently missed way too many classes and failed at least one midterm, possibly two.

Boyfriend? As stated earlier, he’s all uber cool, frighteningly logical, has really nice lips, is learning to ballroom dance, and is also teaching me some Mandarin and Singlish, (though he says I sound hopelessly American).

--“Fatty bom bom!” A fat-bottomed person.
--“Ingrish”. English.
--“Chin chye”. To be satisfied with any outcome or to be without preference.
Example: We take the MRT or we take the bus. Still arrive. Chin chye so how?

And now, a link…

I have no idea what it its.

I miss #firefly.

Saturday, May 1, 2004

Got another one for you.

Less entertaining than the last, but a new one none the less.

In the last 48 hours I….?

A. had someone confess their love for me.
B. was told that said someone fantasized about me and my panties.
C. laid around in the grass with Geoff and watched a rainbow form.
D. ate pizza and salad with over forty D.U.I students.
E. was serenaded.
F. lost one of the diamond earrings that my grandmother gave me before she died.
G. got a boyfriend.
H. sat with said boyfriend by the lake at the park and learned some tae kwon do.
I. checked in a man into the Holiday Inn named Akira and five minutes later, checked in a man that looked like a chubby Spark. Coincidence? I think not.
J. or, all of the above.

I think it’s needless to say that that that the answer is “J”.