Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I was told it was time for an update, but I'm feeling lazy, so here. Go. Kick ass. Scream and play.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

the hallucinations thing

Hola grand new world, it’s the first day of school! Well, not so new, and only perhaps a little grand. It’s my third year at the same campus so I kind of know my way around. My 1st photography class started today at 9:30 (keep in mind it’s a 30 minute drive away from home), and I woke up at 9:15.


I made it in just in time to see the professor, (who looks younger than me but speaks louder), and pick up my syllabus. Then, there was some ever exciting sitting I experienced in my car… then some sweating… then some hallucinations. Then onward to my next class ( a math class, good god, and 50 minutes away), only to experience some more sitting, sweating, but with fewer hallucinations.

Oh! And in the middle of that I happened to get a spur of the moment hair cut! Also, nothing new and/or exciting, but hey, it was done.

And now I find myself sitting, ever pitifully, in the campus computer lab, updating my lj and checking my e-mail compulsively every 3 ½ minutes.

Today is kind of a let down.

But, there are things that are going to be happening… exciting things… stressful things… things involving grandparents, weddings, and computer geeks dressed up in 17th war garb. To take away some of the fun sounding-ness, it’s really that my grandparents are coming into Ohio on Friday to stay with us for a few days, then we’re going to this historical war re-enactment, then in October Geoff and I are going to hop on a plane and go Philly to his cousins wedding, then… well, that’s the end of my list so far. And now I think I should probably try to find my math class, and go sit. Then maybe sweat. Then, you know, the hallucinations thing, just to stick with tradition.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Hahahahahah. I just went with Geoff to see Resident Evil2. I must be a dork for a moment.


It was just so bad. And not even that bad that’s kind of good, it was just…. not enjoyable… with one simple exception:

In this one scene Milla Jovovich looks up at a security camera. The guard looking at the camera gets this odd look on his face. His fingertips start to bleed. Then a close up of his face-- he begins to bleed from his eyes, nose, and mouth as he screams. Hum…. Sound familiar?


It made me laugh so hard in the theater, and nobody got it. Oh yeah, there’s another exception, the comic relief black man in his 70’s bling bling and “mother fucker this” “mother fucker that” was also pretty funny.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

"Docile Barbie without the slut thing and the missing genitals"

Life is good. Well… life is complicated. It’s gotten really, really, really, complicated the last few months, but it’s so good. Chocolate, desert mountains, olives, foreign money, old men that smell like cigars, chi, Firefly, kisses behind the ear, warm pillows in the winter kind of good. But it’s also that kind of complicated that’s irritating, teary, red-eyed, no sleep, apologetic, gut wrenching, gritted teeth, long talks kind of complicated that is somehow all worth it. It’s worth all of that tenfold. God, why must romance turn you into a romantic. But life is simply complicatedly good.

I’ve also gotten a new computer, so yay about life being good, and here I come #firefly! You don’t know how dependent you are on the internet until your computer breaks and only lets you on every once in awhile for tiny ten minute increments before it goes all bad ass black screen on you and you are forced to chant “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckalicious , fuckendous , fucking fuckity fuck, fuck on ice, fuck squirrels… aw, fuck”. But the new computer (yet to be named) is all nice, and pretty, and doesn’t like bad language. It’s like a docile Barbie without the slut thing and the missing genitals.

... not that my new computer has genitals... it's just not missing them...

I need to be killed. Right now.
You deserve death! People probably use AIM
to complain about how damned irritating you
are, and sometimes laugh through their pain at
your entries. You're either a teenager or a
strange middle-aged woman, but without the
charm typically intrinsic to either of them.
You not only update too often, but what you say
is often unintentionally hilarious. But that's
not enough to endear you to anyone.

Please die.

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