Saturday, April 30, 2005

Today is officially my one-year anniversary.

This was written a year ago come tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Brain bugs are on the loose.

I think I’m having my first migraine. My head is mush. I believe a bug has crawled inside and is currently scratching out a nest in the middle of my brain with its claws. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I start to see little flakes of brain being shoveled out my ear. I think my eyes are partially to blame. They’re like kiwis-- large, squishy, dry and scratchy. Every time they move they rub raw the inside of my head. I have kiwi eyes! I’m going insane! My head is killing me! All I can do is pop pain killers and rub and shake my head but that just aggravates the bug and he starts clawing around more, and my eyes start rolling around and that just scrapes up the inside of my head even more. Then all the shaking and the rubbing and the clawing and the scraping makes me jittery and nauseous and I want to somehow throw up the little bug in my brain but perching your head on the edge of a toilet seat really doesn’t make anything better.

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Guess who's in the red dress... wink wink.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


‘Tis Sunday, an hour after my first entry- I am at work and I am still bored. Must blog.

If you missed my first Sunday entry scroll down and read it now, not that there is any kind of continuity or order to things, but do it anyway.

I restored my computer to it’s original junk last night. Everything was temporarily moved to the external drive and the main drive was wiped clean. My C drive was really starting to get bogged down with little hiccup-y things--video files weren’t playing correctly, the defrag was slow, and the computer would occasionally freeze and shut down. But now it’s all pretty and fast and good! …except I think I fucked up my Dreamweaver program. But what’s new, I seem to do that everytime I mess with my computer.

Ohhh, my next art project has been assigned. I now need to make a 15inch tall ceremonial mask with two faces, one good, one evil. It has to be able to stand on it’s own and has to be somewhat personal, like a self-portrait… (again, gah!). Suggestions? Inspiration? Bullshit? Basically anything is welcome and everything is helpful.

I’m gonna stop now, because I might just end up writing more about odd car antenna’s and I don’t want to do that to you.


‘Tis Sunday- I am at work and I am bored. I must blog.

Today Vjay checked out of our hotel. He was a very short Indian man that was pretty rude to everyone but me. Before I even met him the rest of the staff at the hotel was warning me about the “Hindu Indian” upstairs. He wouldn’t deal with women and he’d have no respect for me. Whooo, hooo, be warned!

Well, that’s only partially true.

He was polite but terse when I dealt with him, but as soon as I started yabbering on about roti prata and school, he perked up. After he heard me say that I’ve been considering a teaching career he started treating me like he treats the guys. He has a great respect for teachers, as I later learned, and said that I “have a soft heart. Teachers need a soft heart.” Until he finally checked out of the hotel, he was still urging me to continue with a teaching degree.

Yesterday we stood around the desk and talked for a long time about the places he’s gonna visit in the US and the things he missed from India. He told me how he deals with flights back to India and I told him how I can’t deal with 2 hour long domestic ones. He went on and on about how he wished it had snowed earlier so he could have had the chance to enjoy it, and I whined and whined about how it was cold.

Later, when I was talking about Geoff, Vjay wished me much happiness with my “husband” ( Vjay was confusing the word “boyfriend” with “husband”) in the future. He clapped his hands and bowed and said that it was his blessing. (I only got the blessing part after I corrected him about my age—he thought I was 16 and getting married!)

I’ll miss Vjay; he was an amusing little man.

Also, my cats are fats and car antenna’s are weird. Just too things I noticed and felt the need to share.

Monday, April 18, 2005

So screw you, bitchy-toilet-woman!

I got flowers yesterday! A guest at the hotel gave me two dozen long stemmed yellow roses in a pretty glass vase.

It sounds very sweet but in reality it all started with a plugged up toilet.

The other (other other) day two older ladies came down to the front desk complaining that the toilet in their rooms wouldn’t flush. As cheerily and helpful sounding as I can be when talking about toilets I told them that I’d get someone to take care of it right away. They left the hotel to do some shopping and I told housekeeping about the situation. The housekeeper said she’d take care of it. Now, a few hours later the two ladies came back to the hotel, went up to their room and found that while the room had been cleaned, the toilet had not been fixed. Whoops. So they came back downstairs and yelled at me about it. I put on my apologetic face and chanted “I’m so sorry” until it becomes something of a tongue twister and it started sounding like “Mmmm saa-sausy.” They rushed off in a huff and I went and fixed it for sure.

Then yesterday the two ladies were due to checkout. I sat behind the desk and watched them go back and forth from their room to their car as they packed up. On one of their final runs they stopped by the desk to check out and pay for the room. Again, “blah, blah, blah, toilet wasn’t fixed. Blah, blah, blah. Such bad service. Blah, blah, blah. Just wasn’t right. Blah, blah, blah. Should have been taken care of. Blah, blah, blah.” etc, etc. I got a chance to say a few more “Mmmm saa-sausy”’s and then they went back up to their room to gather their last few belongings. As they were walking out the door their final time the older of the two ladies walked past me (glaring at me) while carrying a vase of almost dead roses. Right before she dumped them into the trash can she stopped, walked back to me, and with a perfectly bitchy smile said, “oh, these are for you for all of your help”. Ha!

I graciously accepted the wilted and crunchy roses and spent the next few hours nursing them back to health. I picked off the dead bits, cut them down and added water. Yeah, the bitchy women didn’t think to add water to their flowers. Idiots. So, despite the fact that they were given to me by an evil woman trying to be mean, I’d made them uber pretty. So screw you, bitchy-toilet-woman! Screw you!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Good. Just good.

I already know I’m a bit scattered and random but bear with me. Last night I was so overcome with happiness and love and pure adoration for my man that I stayed up most of the night thinking about it before I finally called him up at the wee hours of the night to confess all these pre-teen mushy emotions I was feeling… but he was already asleep. So now I have to wait until I see him tonight to gush, and well, I can’t wait. I have to tell someone. So everyone listen up, I love him so much that it’s simply ridiculous. It’s horrible. No one should be able to make you feel like this. I have so much more to say but I doubt any of you wants to hear about how sexy it is to watch him shave or how much I love when he waltzes with me or how I feel breathless when he pulls me into one of those kisses with his arms around my back or how even video game comparisons are fun with him. *Sigh* It’s horrible.

On top of those good feelings it’s a beautiful day and I’m eating stuffed crust pizza at work and doing little more than reading a new book and talking to old people about my car. After work I think Geoff and I are gonna clean his car then maybe take a walk or sit around on the porch swing while it gets dark.

Things are very good.

…except that Sarah doesn’t have Internet. Let’s all take a moment and pray that her Internet gets up and running again.

P.s. the self-portrait ceramics piece finally turned out to be one odd-ass crow one big-ass leg. The crow had a headband with devil horns on it and poison ivy crawling up its one leg. It had very deep and partially bullshit meanings but I never got to explain them. Probably for the best.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

blood and gore... and blood with no gore... only blood really

I cleaned my car today! I worked a grueling 8 hour day doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing, then went home and cleaned up my car. I threw away all the gas receipts, took in the SIX (yes I said six) sweaters, FOUR pair of shoes, two coats, couple of books and too many water bottles to count. I vacuumed the seats and floors, dusted, cleaned the windows, then I washed it! (Enter somewhat random visual of Mag). I went all the way: I had a bucket of soapy water, a bunch of rags, a hose, and my ass in a pair of short shorts. Then la da da da da (we’ll skip the part about me scrubbing off month old squished bug guts), I was finished! It was cleaned inside and out, dried and looking spiffy. Afterwards I walked back inside the house to put everything away and go to take a shower. There is no feeling worse than bug-guts on your arms, cut grass stuck to your legs and wet mulch between your toes. But as I reach our dining room I look down and see this red drop of blood on the floor. I look around for more and there was a little trail of it leading back into the kitchen. Of course I have to follow. I walk back through the dining room, into our kitchen, and by following the blood, out the door and down the outside steps. I had walked just about half of the way down to our garage when my father stopped and asked me what I was doing. I told him about these little drops of blood in the house. He looked at me for a minute then grabbed my hand. Oh! There it was. Apparently I slashed my finger on the sharp underside of my car, and didn’t even know it. It’d been bleeding all over everything but I didn’t notice it. My hands were wet with soap and water, I didn’t even feel the blood. But I see it now. It even ruined my cute pair of short shorts.

Friday, April 8, 2005


Dear readers,
I need to use your brains for a few minutes. I have already finished my salt and pepper shakers for ceramics class. The fangs came out nicely but now we’re on to a new project. I need to make a “self portrait” (doesn’t actually have to look like a figure, just has to have something to do with who we are) using the coil method and it needs to be at least 12 inches tall. Okay, that’s not what’s really important. The second part of this is that we need to incorporate plant, animal, and mineral into this piece. Here’s where I’m clueless. I have no idea what to do. Some people are making a big ass foot because they like to dance, putting a pretty flower on top because they like to garden, and then having rock at the bottom because…. well because they need a mineral somewhere in their piece. Now that’s all fine and dandy for those ass-foot flower people but I can’t think of anything! Nothing! Nada! I’m completely drawing a blank! I need inspiration! Anyone have a good idea that I can pry from their heads for a little bit? It would be much appreciated. And I would return the idea when I’m done. I promise.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

You Can Only Throw Your Own Head is going down for a bit. I'll be doing some spring cleaning on it in my spare time. Everything is getting pulled down, dusted off, then only the useful stuff is being put back up. I'm hoping I can get it done in a few days, maybe a few weeks worth of spare time, but it'll probably be longer. Say your goodbyes, it'll miss you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

I watched a bit of Sex in the City again tonight. I know, I’m sorry! I sat there for four minutes of it before I started rolling my eyes and then wandered off. Are you all proud of me?

In addition to that bit of randomness, I saw Sin City and thought it stunk. Sorry, Spark.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got tonight.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Today looks to be a better day than yesterday’s was. The ice blizzard is gone and the drug dealer, complete with his traveling harem, has checked out. After work I’ll drive down to Columbus and get to see Geoff a little bit before he has to go to work, then I’m off to start up on some kick ass salt and pepper shakers for ceramics class. I think I’m going to make them into big fangs. I’m feeling teethy. Now, look at that. Everything is nice and organized and doesn’t at all include math. Today will be a good day. I sincerely hope I didn't just jinx it.

Saturday, April 2, 2005


Gotta love things that put you in a pissed off mood bright and early into your Saturday. And two things that can bring forth that inner Kayt-from-hell attitude are blizzards and stuck up drug dealers. And I’ve got both of those on my hands right now. I can’t make the blizzard stop nor can I kick the drug dealer out of my hotel. Gah!