Sunday, December 26, 2004

Evolution in my textbook gave me Gonorrhea!

If it isn’t already known to anyone that reads this, let me just say, I’m not a religious person. I don’t believe in a higher power, and while I’m open minded, at this point in my life I consider myself a firm believer in the theory of evolution. And, despite the fact that I don’t believe it’s true, I am fascinated by religion. So, here’s a little site I feel I must share… still not sure if it’s a spoof site or not because what they’re saying is so incredibly ridiculous, in my opinion.

“Let us examine the "benefits" of evolutionary science in our textbooks.
SINCE 1963: (source-Wallbuilders,Inc 817 441-6044)
-Gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease, has increased by 226%”

Evolution in my textbook gave me Gonorrhea! Come one. Are they kidding?

“Evolution is key to corrupt forms of government such as communism and socialism.”

Evolution made my country communist and gave me gonorrhea!

“There is no evidence for evolution and we have never observed one kind of animal change into another kind of animal.”

That is total ignorance. Next I want to hear “Evolution says that you come from a chimpanzee, and before that, slime!!” Cripes. It doesn’t happen in just a few days! How can these people argue something they have absolutely no idea of? Ah, but at least it amuses.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I spoke to Geoff yesterday about his little excursion to Malaysia and heard that Firefly has reached Malaysia’s black market DVD ring. The entire series, extras included, is for sale for about two Sing-dollars.

Also, I'm in desperate need for e-hugs. I'll be crying in #firefly soon enough, you'll all know the news.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It’s perfect!

This little excerpt from the magazine Scientific American Mind sums up (for me atleast) the reason why so many people around the world have religious views (creationism) and/or are so closed off to the theory of evolution.

“One basic answer is that the theories promote a simple message. Whatever has happened, there is a single force--usually an evil one--behind it. Humans tend to drastically simplify complicated issues, reducing them to a lone cause whenever possible. This exercise brings order out of chaos; it makes a complex world intelligible. And once a person believes he understands how something works, he holds fast to this belief. Trust in a secret master plan created by a powerful organization offers simple cause-and-effect relationships that build along a linear chain of events. Chance and ambiguity have no role, which is comforting even in the face of sinister forces.”

Interestingly enough, this excerpt isn’t about religion at all, it’s from an article about conspiracies.

Monday, December 20, 2004

la la la

I’m in a better mood now…and all it took was a little personal serenade from Tony Orlando (“knock three times on the ceiling if you want me…”)and his band. He’s been in town all weekend for his “Santa and Me” show and they all stayed at our hotel. They were great fun. ‘Santa’, Michel Jackson, Toni Wine ( to know her think Elvis, Springsteen and the meow mix song), and all the other guys were great fun; Mr. Thompson, ‘Santa’, ho ho ho, being my favorite. As they we leaving yesterday ‘Santa’ told me to wait and not go anywhere. Well, okay. I stayed where I was, standing being the counter. Then the band came out, stood around the counter, hummed for a moment, then broke out singing "broken lady"(the song 'Santa and I had been talking about earlier that day). I was so silly and smiley. That needs to happen more often.

p.s. don’t google for “Michael Jackson Tony Orlando”, you’ll just get a bunch of gay porn. Unless you want that... but it's not even good gay porn. All pixely.

Also, it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit this morning when I had to go out in my knee-length skirt and slippers to clean off my car before work. I have yet to regain the feeling in my legs.

P.s. x 2 also, I've been put in charge of teaching the new opperation system at the Hotel and get paid for working at home. I just feel like I need to tell you that.

Friday, December 17, 2004


I was just reading the back of my Colgate tube (yes, as previously discussed, I have no life till January) and, in the tiny bitsy fine print reads: “Colgate-Palmolive company”…. are they saying that the same people that make my dish soap also make my toothpaste? Ya-gack.

Also today I discovered the joy in Tenacious D and I too wish to have the power to kill a yak, but I probably wouldn’t because they have big pretty cow eyes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Have you ever had those days that just hurt? They hurt in such a way that you can’t even feel the hurt anymore but you just know it’s there.

My Uncle is dying. He’s been dying for awhile. Not for that long…a few months maybe. He went into the hospital with some minor complaints. Next I knew, he was in a coma. Nine days later he woke up referring to his wife as “Mrs. Arafat”. Now he has been diagnosed with colon cancer, penile cancer, and has suffered uncounted heart attacks. We’ve been told that he doesn’t have long.

I’m sick of people leaving and dying and fighting.

And to help the situation, I’m chasing white wine shots with chocolate covered raisins. I’m feeling quite pathetic.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me.

The Spanish homework is done.

I am alone again.

Que the "eat worms" song.

I'm all alone....

I’m all alone. I have nothing to do. I went to sleep at 7:30 yesterday. 7:30 P.M!!! I haven’t done that since I was eight, or since I was last medicated before some major surgery.

--The school quarter ended (don‘t even ask how it went), and it doesn’t resume until January.

--The man I love is now physically the furthest he could possibly be from me while still being on the planet earth, and he’s not coming back until right before January. *sob*

--The Holiday Inn has decided to be “nice” and cut back my work hours (again, until January) because of the holiday season.

I basically have no life until January.

God. I have nothing to do. There are only so many times you can ….

Oh! My brother needs help with his Spanish homework! Yay, entertainment!